Monday, March 27, 2017


We've had a busy few weeks of wrestling events.  Last weekend the boys wrestled Freestyle at the Patriot Wrestling Tournament and Christian took 3rd and Max took 1st!  
We were so proud of CW he did his first leg lace in a match!  It is so fun when the boys start implementing actual moves they have been practicing for weeks at practice into matches and are successful.

This same weekend Clint and his Dad were in St. Louis for the NCAA Wrestling Championships.  They had a blast and Clint has said that he is planning on attending every year from now on.

This weekend the boys participated in the Daniel Cook Kuna Tournament.  Max wrestled all three styles and took 1st place in each one.  We couldn't have been more proud of him.  He has improved so much this year.  He is wrestling smarter and is training hard.  He was pretty excited to take that huge belt home and hang it up with his other medals.  

 Everyone wanted a picture with Max and his hardware. 
Now we are off to train for another week for another tournament.  The life of a wrestler.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Life Lately

February was a crazy, busy month!  Clint had a few business trips, Uncle Kris, Uncle Kody, and Aunt Kori came to visit, wrestling is in full swing, and Max is preparing for baseball try-outs. Max is lucky enough that Uncle Kris took some time and showed him some drills that we could work on to help him get ready for his try-outs one weekend while he was here.   

We went to Boise State Wrestling and Gymnastics Beauty and the Beast.  Charlee girl loved it!  She spent a lot of the night sitting on Clint's lap cheering for the wrestlers.

Charlee is finally warming up to Uncle Kody more.  Her sitting on him is a BIG deal.  

This sweet girl has a big personality and swagger.

This month has also included a lot of not feeling that great for all of us.  We've had a nasty cold go through the house and of course when it was the worst, and mom was sick too, dad was out of town for two weeks straight.  This was also during the time that our hardwood floors were being redone so I was kicked out of our house for 4 days.  Thankfully my mom and dad let us crash at their house.  That was a crazy week I had to drive back and forth from Nampa to Middleton three times a day to feed animals in the morning and take Max to school, then come back in the afternoon to pick Max up from school, then I would drive the kids to wrestling in Boise, go back to my parents house in Nampa and put them to bed, and then I would have to drive back to Middleton to lock up the dog and make sure the chickens were all in the coop and the cows were ok.  Ugh...I'm exhausted just remembering it.  Thankfully I really, really like my husband!  Even though I was cussing him a lot that week under my breath, and our floors look really great so I guess it all worked out in the end.

We can finally see our grass again now that all of the snow is melted!  Hallelujah!  Maybe spring will finally start to make its appearance.  Spring we are ready for you!

When you can't find Charlee in the house these days it is safe to say she is out in the garage "loving" on Coon.  Secretly he loves it, otherwise he could easily hide from her.  I have caught her in the last week locking Coon in Roxy's kennel, hiding in Roxy's kennel with Coon (gross) and sitting in the RZR with Coon.

Life is good.  We are ready for some sunshine and warmer temps so we can enjoy being outside more!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Nampa Bulldog Brawl

This weekend was the Nampa Bulldog Brawl tournament for the boys.  Max wrestled Greco Friday night and placed 3rd.  He wrestled really hard and we were super proud of him.  He has been working his bum off at practice and putting in a lot hours at the gym and his hard work is paying off.  
On Saturday Max and Christian both wrestled Freestyle.  CW didn't place but he had fun, which was the most important part when you are 5.  Max did awesome!  He had some tough matches where he had to dig deep and he did.  He went un-defeated and took first place.  His buddy, and wrestling partner Ivan, also took first on Saturday and Friday Night.  These two boys have a lot of fun together and we couldn't ask for a better wrestling partner for Max.
This weekend was a great start to the Freestyle and Greco season.

Friday, February 17, 2017


Our mornings involve a lot of animals.  Most mornings it is Clint and the two little monkeys outside making sure they are well provided for, some mornings I'll make my way out there and over see the operation, ha ha.  The other morning I took Charlee out to see what Clint and Christian were doing and they were out with the heifers feeding them and then checking out our neighbors two new baby cows in the pasture next to ours so we went out to look at them as well.  They were so tiny and adorable!  They were sticking pretty close to their mommas so I couldn't get any good pictures of them.   

Some days it is more of a battle to get the kids to want to go out and help but once they do they always have a good time.  I love Christian in his coveralls!  He was pretty proud of himself this morning because a few of our cows let him pet them without the help of Clint.  I think we will start calling him the cow whisperer.

Charlee girl is crazy outside.  She has been pretty obsessed with Christian's Strider bike and is actually getting pretty good at it.  She wasn't too happy with me when I wouldn't let her take it in the chicken pasture with us.  But once I told her we were going to see the cows she perked right up.

This big guy greeted us by the fence when we were trying to get a good look at the babies.  He is massive!  Of course Charlee wanted to climb through the fence and pet him.  Seriously, that girls is going to give me a head full of gray hair.  
I will have to admit there is something really satisfying about being outside and being good stewards over our animals.  I love seeing my kids work side by side with each other and their dad and take pride in the work that they are doing.  I love the instant gratification when we get beautiful, fresh eggs from the hens.  I am getting excited for spring to come and to (maybe) add a few new ladies to the flock and start planning out the garden.  Since this will be the second year in our house I think we have a better idea of how we want to plant things, which will hopefully add to an even better harvest this fall.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Tulsa Nationals

Last weekend Clint, Max, Will, Drew and Kim went to Tulsa Nationals.  (I'm starting to feel a little left out of all of these awesome trips ;)  The boys wrestled hard and had some tough matches.  They had a great time, other than the flight delays they all experienced on the way home.  Max and Clint didn't get home until 2:00am Monday morning.  Poor Max had to go to school the next day (I let him sleep in though and go late).

Max has had some pretty neat experiences already this wrestling season with getting to go to some pretty tough tournaments and travel with his cousins, Aunt, Dad, and Grandpa.  My kiddos are pretty darn lucky to have awesome grandparents (on both sides) who support them in their activities.  I hope Max always remembers these experiences, I know I remember my grandparents coming to my sporting and music events and they are some of my fondest memories from my childhood.

The Opening Ceremonies was quite the production from the pictures that Clint sent me.  Strobe lights, the boys warming up on the mats.    The boys said they had a blast and the finals were some of the best matches they have watched this season.

I think all of the boys are already planning on going back next year.

Monday, January 23, 2017


After the past few months and all of the negativity and disagreement that is taking place in our country right now I found that this years Mutual Theme is more applicable than ever for not only the youth but everyone.  The scripture reference is James 1:5-6.  

With every presidency election I have made a habit of researching out candidates (on both sides), reading their platforms, having conversations with others about their opinions and view points, but most importantly I have sought answers in prayer.  Asking for peace over who I cast my vote for.  I take my responsibility as a citizen of this great nation very seriously and personally am grateful and humbled that I get to have a voice.  We all come from different backgrounds, upbringings, experiences, and have different concerns over the leaders of our country.  But I know there is one thing that we all have in common, and that is that we are all Children of our Heavenly Father.  He sees us as we truly are and not only wants what is best for us but knows what is best for us.

If you ask then he will answer
If you kneel he'll make you whole 
If you close your eyes and whisper he will whisper to your soul
If you're hurting he will heal you
If you're humble he will come
If you lack wisdom Ask of God 

I've learned that things won't always get better over night, but I also know if we put our faith in the things that matter most, the things that don't change with different trends, the things that are eternal we can find peace in any situation.  I also know we can find answers about how we can improve a situation.  Actions that bring people together, and not divide them more, if we ask and then get up and seek out those things that make a positive difference we will find them, or maybe we will be led to create something positive and good.    

I find reasurence and hope in those lines from this years mutual theme song (and scriptures) posted above.  If you lack wisdom Ask of God.  I hope that all of the leaders of our country are doing this and I pray that more of us citizens of this great nation are doing the same. I hope we are asking what we need to do to help our brothers and sisters, spending less time putting each other down, and more time loving one another. 

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Back to School....Kind of

The boys finally went back to school on Friday.  It was really nice to have them home but I could tell they were getting bored.  On Thursday I was so sick of them asking to play the Xbox or their iPads that I went online and found some homework pages for them and made them do "mom school".  Surprisingly, they didn't complain and were actually pretty excited to do their work.  I think for this summer I need to start putting together some binders of daily "school" work for them to do.  I think their little brains were craving it.

We had a wrestling tournament on Saturday at Valley View High School. The boys did better at this tournament they did at the Salt Lake Slam, which was encouraging.  It was a great tournament because it was low key and we were done by noon, which is a win in my book when I take Charlee along with me.  That girl when it comes to wrestling is crazy.  She wants to be out on the mat so badly.  We were down on the floor waiting for Max to wrestle and Clint was over 2 mats helping ref.  She darted between people and ran off so fast.  I barely got to her as she was trying to tackle Clint while he was down calling a pin for the match he was reffing.  Thankfully, like I said, it was a low key tournament because that could have ended really badly.  She is a fast, sneaky little stinker!  

Our Sunday has been awesome!  Our church meetings were moved to 9:00 in the morning so we are home by noon.  It was glorious.  We came home to a roast that Clint prepared while I was at my Young Women Presidency meeting before church, ate lunch and then everyone took naps.  It is just what I think Sundays should be.  It was so nice to have the afternoon to relax and hang out as a family.  

Tomorrow my kids have no school for Martin Luther King Jr day....I know their life is so rough, right?  We still have a ton of snow on the ground, it hasn't really snowed anymore but it has just been so cold that it hasn't melted.  Hopefully after this week we can get back into our normal groove, I think the kids are ready, even though I love the slower mornings I know it is good for them to get back on a normal routine.