Tuesday, March 6, 2018


February was a crazy month!  The weather in Tennessee was insane.  We had a week or so of non-stop torrential rain, a week of amazing weather with temperatures in the high 70's low 80's and everything in between.  We spent a lot of February preparing for our amazing trip to Costa Rica that we just got home from yesterday night.  Although, most of February is a blur there are some sweet moments I wanted to write down before I forget them.
Since both boys are in school all day now Charlee girl and I get to spend a lot of one-on-one time together and I really love it.  There were a couple of times this month that Clint called us out of the blue and asked if we wanted to meet him for lunch and we never turn him down for a lunch date.  Charlee loves getting to see him during the day.  The first thing she asks every morning when she gets up is "where's dad" and is always equally disappointed when I tell her he is at work.  This girl loves her dad!
 With the nice weather we were able to get outside and enjoy some much needed Vitamin D.  We blew bubbles, rode our bikes up and down the street, got in a few runs outside, visited a few parks, took Ruby for walks, and explored some of the trails close to our home.  The boys busted out their hammocks to do their daily reading in.  Getting outside was so good for our mental health, ha.

 I signed Charlee up for pre-school a few weeks ago and as we were leaving the school these beautiful purple flowers were peeking out of the ground and I had to take a quick picture.  I love when the early spring flowers poke up out of the earth, it gives me hope that spring is on the horizon.  It was a bittersweet moment signing Charlee up for pre-school.  I cannot believe my baby is getting old enough to head off to school soon.  She will go three times per week for three hours, I'm not going to know what to do with myself! With each of my kiddos there has been a small and sometimes big window where it has been just the two of us and I have really tried to appreciate that individual time with them.  I am sad that I am going to have to share Charlee, but know she is ready to get out and socialize more. 
February started off a little on the dreary side but definitely ended on a great note.  I am excited to share our trip to Costa Rica.  It was a little insane traveling with all three kids internationally but all-in-all they actually were Rockstars and we had such an amazing time.  Here's to March and hopefully spring and more adventures.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

January, Where Did You Go?

 January is one of those months that always seems never ending yet goes by so fast!  We had a busy January getting a little more settled in to our new home in Tennessee.  At the beginning of the month Kim and Pat came to visit us which made everyone pretty dang happy!  I think we were all a little "home" sick and seeing family made us feel a little better.  Kim and Pat offered to drive Clint's truck over from Idaho for us (bless them, seriously they are the best!) they wanted to take a road trip and figured they might as well come out to Tennessee.  We had a great time with them here.  We went to the Dixie Stampede one night, ate out at some yummy restaurants, played a lot of pool, spent a lot of time out in the hot tub, and just hung out at the house.  We were really sad to see them go.
 Charlee started gymnastics this month and LOVES it!  She asks everyday if she gets to go to gymnastics and is doing so well.  I was worried about her attention span, ability to follow directions, and if she would go into class without me but she does amazing!  I have been so impressed by her listening skills and how strong she is.  I love watching her little face light up as she tries something new.  Her favorite thing right now is the balance beam and handstands.
 Of course wrestling is already in full swing and the boys attended 3 tournaments in January.  We found a great little local club for Christian to go to, and then we've been taking Max to a more serious club in Knoxville.  One of the perks of Clint being home at night is we can divide and conquer.  

 Charlee and I were lucky enough to fly to Utah for a quick 2 day trip for Kelsey and Ryan's wedding.  It was such a beautiful day, seriously the snow and the newly renovated Provo Temple was so special.  Kelsey was a beautiful bride and Brett and Sheila were both beaming with pride.  I am so excited to watch Kelsey and Ryan start their life together and so grateful for the good example Kelsey has been to my kids.  We all love her!  
 One of the other reason Charlee got to tag along was she was the flower girl for Kelsey and Ryan's ring ceremony.  She didn't love the flower girl part so much but definitely enjoyed dancing on the dance floor with all of the brides maids and eating the chips and salsa.  
 It was a quick weekend with not enough time to spend with all of our family down in Utah.  My sister Kori let us crash at her house and it was good for my heart to spend time with my sister and her family.  Charlee was so stoked to be with some of her cousins, and play with Lily (Ruby's sister).  Utah even graced us with a pretty good snow storm.  Charlee was in heaven playing out in the snow with Lily and Kori's kids.  Why does Tennessee have to be so far away?  We are missing our family lately.
 After our trip to Utah Charlee was pretty stoked to be reunited with her pup!  
January also had a TON of no school days due to weather.  Ha ha, they cancelled school because of this snow kids were like there isn't even that much snow outside.  But were still happy to not have to go to school.  I think we had like 5 "weather" days in January.  Oh well, it was nice to all be together but it has also been nice to try and establish a routine.  We are excited for February!  We have a few wrestling tournaments and an epic trip to Costa Rica planned with some of Clint's family that we are pretty excited about.  And honestly I am just glad we made it through January!