Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Sometimes life has an interesting way of working out.  We are headed on another adventure across the country to Tennessee!  Clint accepted a new job and we are packing up and heading east.  To say this past week and a half has been a whirlwind would be a complete understatement, but during the crazy I have surprisingly felt so much peace and reassurance that this is what our little family is supposed to do, which makes it a little easier to get up and get stuff done rather than lay in bed all day with the covers over my head.
A little over two years ago when Clint accepted his job with the BCSP we couldn't believe our luck and being able to move back to the Boise Valley.  We had kind of given up hope on being able to ever live back in western Idaho due to his career, so when those cards all fell into place we felt extremely blessed and ready to put down some roots here.  We bought our house with it's little piece of land and have spent the last two years cultivating it and creating our own little "hobby farm" if you will.  We had our chickens, our four cows that we are in the process of breeding, our bull, Roxy, Coon, our garden, and our own little wrestling gym out in the shop.  I think most of Clint's dreams were coming to fruition.  (And rightfully so he works so hard for them!)  So when the job offer came, we both felt pretty strongly that we would pass on the offer, but decided we should put it up to the Lord.  We are both pretty happy with the life we were building here, Clint enjoys his job, our  boys love their wrestling gym, being closer to more family is always a plus, and the opportunities for us here were numerous.  We decided to ponder and pray individually and then talk about it later that night.  As I knelt and prayed I knew almost immediately that Tennessee is the right place for our family, right now.  Thankfully, Clint had the same promptings and within 24 hours we had accepted and were figuring out what the next steps we needed to take were.  Honestly, the pieces are already coming together and it just confirms to me that our Heavenly Father is in the details and if I have faith and trust in Him and His plan all will be well.  
So this week we are prepping our house to be listed for sale.  De-cluttering and packing up items that we don't need right now.  (How did we acquire so. much. stuff in two years!?!  I just don't understand.) We've been searching the market in Tennessee trying to get a feel for what is available down there.  I have also been researching all of the activities nearby and am actually really excited for some of the experiences that we are going to get to have as a family.  I have never been to Tennessee so this is going to be a totally new things for me.  Clint has been several times for work and he has reassured the kids and I that it is a great place.
So, we are going to take the next few months and really enjoy our family nearby, the Boise Valley, and then say our "see ya laters" because if moving back to Idaho impressed anything on Clint and I it is that we know this is where we want to "end up" when the time is right.  Idaho will always be home to us, we are so excited to get to experience new things, people, and serve the Lord.  But we hope somewhere in Heavenly Father's plan for our family it allows us to come back home. 

Friday, October 13, 2017

Family Photos 2017

"What matters most is what lasts the longest,
And our families are for Eternity."
-M. Russell Ballard-
 In August we met up with Callie and had our family pictures taken. It was a beautiful night, not too hot, the kids behaved relatively well, and we were able to get more pictures than I thought, which is always a plus with this crew of mine.  It is crazy how much these kiddos have grown since the last time Callie took our pictures.

 Christian at 5 almost 6 is clever, adventurous, brave, and definitely a boundary tester.  He has an infectious laugh, can be the sweetest kid in the room, has a memory like you wouldn't believe, and loves to know how things work.  He loves dirt biking, wrestling, has a fearless heart, is very social, and is starting to read.  Christian keeps us on our toes, he is going to be the lawyer of the family-this kid knows how to negotiate, and brings spunk to the family.
 Max is responsible!  He is my right hand man when Clint is out of town for work and I wouldn't be able to do it without him.  He is smart, loves math, science, history, and health class at school.  He is a hard worker, is the starting QB for his football team this year  and I have loved watching his leadership skills develop.  Max is tender hearted and is very conscientious of other people's feelings.  He loves dirt bike riding (hmmm looks like a trend in our house) wrestling, football, baseball, shooting guns, music, and spending time with his cousins/friends. He is patient with his siblings and always so sweet to his little sister. 

 Charlee girl!!  You are the sunshine in our family!  You are so spicy and so sweet.  You are strong, super coordinated, and are constantly on the move.  You adore your brothers and dad, you love being outside with them, and riding on their dirt bikes, (go figure).  You are always my dirtiest child at the end of the day, dirt is everywhere, your clothes are filthy, your hair a mess and you are always happy.  Your favorite things are the cows, our bull (and don't call him a cow because she will correct you and say no, it's a bull) the chickens, and Coon the cat.  You are obsessed with horses right now and are constantly asking to call Grandma so you can ride her horse.  You drive your Gator like a pro even drifting down the driveway.  You know what you want and will find a way to make it happen, much to your dads and my dismay, however, I think that personality trait will serve you well my sweet girl when you are changing the world as you get older.  

 Life keeps trucking by and I am grateful to have this guy by my side.  After 12 years I think I can safely say I love him more than I ever thought possible, and am reminded frequently that I made a very smart choice at 19 years old to say yes when he asked me to marry him.  There isn't anyone else I would want to have as my ride or die in this crazy, but beautifully amazing life, that we are creating.  He works so hard, is driven, passionate, such a good and patient dad.  Clint is fun, he has an infectious smile, knows what he wants, and is always so supportive of me, my ideas, and ambitions.  He is always my cheerleader nudging me to step outside of my comfort zone and reminding me that I am capable of whatever I put my mind to.  Our family is pretty darn lucky to get to have this guys in our lives FOR-EV-ER!  (Name that movie ;)
"And I'd choose you;
in a hundred lifetimes, 
in a hundred worlds,
in any version of reality,
I'd find you and 
I'd choose you."
-The Chaos of Stars-

Thank you again Callie for braving our circus and helping capture our family right now.  You are the best!