Sunday, June 11, 2017

Wolfley Sunday Photo 6/11

Today I documented the fact that Clint is out of town and I had all of the kids ready (even curled Charlee's hair) and we went to church by myself, which is quite a feat.  I was pretty proud of myself!

Schools Out for Summer!!!

The boys last day of school was actually on May 26th, but it has been a crazy couple of weeks.  Both of the boys did so well in school this year and improved so much.  Max finished 3rd grade and loved his teacher.  She was seriously so good for him, patient, encouraging, yet didn't let him slack off too much.  Christian finished up his 2nd year of pre-school and is off to kindergarten next year.  Miss Robin was so great with Christian too.  She knew how to work him and had his number.  He loved her and loved going to school.  It was so fun for me to watch him with his buddies and how I can see he is already a little leader (let's hope he channels that in the right direction).  I am so proud of these two boys.  
Yay for great teachers and summertime!

Monday, June 5, 2017

Memorial Day 2017

 We had an amazing Memorial Day Weekend.  It started with the boy's last day of school on Friday!  Friday night the Korth's arrived for the weekend.  On Saturday we headed out to the Owyhee's to do some dirt biking.  We had a blast.  There were a few crashes, lots of dust, and one set of stitches.  
On Sunday we hung out around the house and then Jared and Sharee arrived in the late afternoon on Sunday.  We hiked Table Rock once things cooled off and celebrated Carlie's 8th Birthday.
On Monday we got up and headed back out the Owyhee's for more dirt biking. 
It was just what a Memorial Day Weekend should be: family, fun, being outside, good weather, and sharing gratitude for those who have sacrificed so much for our freedoms.  

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Finally a Weekend With Nice Weather

This weekend we finally had glorious nice weather, it was sunny and warm enough to enjoy being outside!  The boys didn't have school on Friday for a teacher inservice so we spent the day at doctor appointments and hanging out at home.  The boys also went to wrestling practice Friday night because now we are preparing for Western Regionals.

When the boys got home on Friday night I made them be my models so I could test the evening light on my camera.  There were many pictures where they were acting crazy and several dabs made their way into the frame but then I also got lucky with these gems.  Max is growing up so much!  He is starting to look like a tween and these pictures reminded me to do a better job of documenting him at this phase because I know he will just keep changing more and more.
Saturday morning the boys went to another wrestling practice and then came home and we loaded up all the motorcycles and headed out to Emmett to do a little riding.  Max was happy to get back on his bike and test it out after having to basically rebuild the dang thing over the winter from his crash in Montana last year.  It was an expensive lesson for him to learn.

Poor Charlee girl has been so sick for the past two weeks!  It started with a stomach bug and then this week it turned into cold sores in her mouth and fevers.  It has been so sad, she literally didn't eat any food for like 5 days.  Thankfully, she would drink so she was staying hydrated but she was not a happy camper.  Yesterday and today she seems to have turned a corner and is eating again, thank goodness!

This weekend has us pretty excited for school to get out this Friday!  Bring on the warm weather and fun activities!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Max Baseball 2017

Spring baseball is officially over for Max.  This was his first season of kid pitch baseball and I would say all things considering it went pretty well.  Max improved in the areas that he wanted to, had fun, and in the end that is all that matters.  There definitely is a learning curve to moving up a division and playing in a league that we are still learning but we are all getting the hang of things and will do some things differently next year for sure!

Max's favorite positions this season were pitching, catching, and playing 3rd base.  He does great behind the plate, he moves well and does an awesome job of blocking the ball, he also has a pretty good arm and threw a couple kids out at 2nd this year when they tried to steal on him.  He had a great time with the kids on his team and made a few new friends which is always a bonus.

Charlee and Christian enjoyed going to the games as well, even though we had some really, really cold and wet games this season!  Charlee loved playing on the playground, eating suckers, and finding new friends each week.  The only times during the games that I saw Christian was when he was asking for money for the concession stand.  He had some friends from school that were always at the fields too and they had a blast running wild together.  It actually wasn't as crazy as I thought it would be having both the kids at the games, especially since Clint was seriously out of town for most of the season, I think we only went to 2 games where both of us were there.  Now we are on to t-ball for Mr. Christian (heaven help me!) hopefully we will have better weather for his season!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Idaho Falls Temple Open House and Pat's Retirement

 Last Tuesday night Christian and I drove over to Blackfoot for a quick trip to go to the Idaho Falls Temple Open House and to attend Pat's Retirement party from her job as the Snake River School District Speech Pathologist.  It was a quick trip up and back but we had such a great time and were so glad we were able to go and be there.  Thankfully my mom and brother Kody were nice enough to help me out with Charlee and Max since Clint was on a business trip.  
Christian opted to stay on the farm with Kim while us girls went to the open house.  The temple was beautiful and we had great weather. The sun was super bright in front of the temple so it was hard to get a picture where our eyes aren't squinting.

After the temple we went to lunch and then got pedicures and then headed to Pat's party.  We walked around the school with Kristen and the kids took the opportunity to get a picture with the panther, ha ha. 

Selfishly, I think all of us kids are excited that Pat is retiring at the end of this year so we can spend more time with her during the school year, but we are also so proud of her and how hard she works.  Pat is always willing to learn new things and attacks everything with determination and excitement.  It was easy to see that everyone there loved her and that she has had a big impact on a lot of peoples lives in the 30 plus years she has been teaching.
 Happy Retirement Pat!

Kim sent me this picture of Christian during the day.  He was one happy boy to have grandpa all to himself and help out on the farm.  

Monday, May 1, 2017

Boise Zoo and Baseball

 This past week Christian had a field trip with his pre-school to the Boise Zoo.  He was so excited for this field trip, and had been talking about it all month.  His buddy Luke got to walk around the zoo with us and they were so funny together.  Charlee also got to tag along because that's just what happens when you are the younger sibling, you get the perks of doing what the older siblings do.  It was a little cold, but overall the kids had a great time.  Their favorite animals were the Sloth Bear, Lions, Tigers, and this huge bird that sounded like a Velociraptor on Jurassic Park that I can't remember the name of.  It is really fun for me to see Christian interact with his peers.  A lot of the time Max is usually with us and Christian will try to keep up with him, so it was nice to see Christian do his own thing.

On Saturday we went and watched Jeff and Kade play baseball.  This was the first Saturday in probably 4 months we didn't have something going on or a wrestling tournament.  It was nice to get out in the sunshine, spend time with cousins, and watch some ball.  The boys played really great and the kids had a blast riding their scooters, playing on play grounds, and sweet talking their moms into money for candy at the snack shack.  It is days like this that remind me how nice it is to live closer to more family.