Thursday, December 14, 2017

Thanksgiving Break

 Our Thanksgiving Break was really great this year.  Clint was able to come home for some of it, which was really nice.  We had our Thanksgiving feast at my mom and dad's house with all of my siblings.  The weather was crazy nice and the kids were able to sit outside.

 Charlee helped me make the rolls, she did a great job.  Ruby was reunited with her sister Lily.  They were pretty excited to see each other over the weekend.
 Friday was my dads 60th birthday so of course we had to throw him a big bash!  The adults went out to lunch earlier in the afternoon and then that evening we all met at Kiley's for desert, photo booth, and games.  Kiley came up with a charades game that were all things that had to do with my dad.  It was really creative and we had a great time.

 On Saturday the boys wrestled in a tournament at Bishop Kelly.  Christian did so good and got second place.  We were really proud of him.

 Max was nominated for an award and was chosen.  The award showcased kids who are doing great things on and off the mat.  Max is a pretty good kid and it was good for him to be recognized for all of the things he does do.  He's a hard worker and has a lot of talents that I hope he continues to develop as he gets older.

It was a busy week full of getting the last of our house stuff done, family, and fun.  It was really nice to see all of my family together before moving to Tennessee.  I am really thankful for all of the people in my families lives who support us and love us.  We are all pretty darn lucky!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Back in November we adopted the sweetest little puppy!  Her name is Ruby, she is a mini golden doodle, and we are all smitten with her.  My sister Kori and her family adopted Ruby's sister, Lily, and when Charlee saw her she was in LOVE, so she sweet talked her dad in to letting her get her sister, and Clint has a really hard time telling Charlee no, ha ha. My sister was nice enough to pick her up for us in Utah and meet me in Burley so we could bring her home.  

Charlee requests that she go with us in the car everywhere and she sleeps in one of our beds with us every night, she is pretty spoiled.  She really is a good little girl though, she makes the cutest little grunting noises when she is happy and getting her belly scratched and carried around, she loves playing with her toys and shakes her little bum when she is excited.  We are excited for this new addition to our family.  Welcome Miss Ruby!