Monday, July 9, 2018

I D A H O(M E)

 After Kris and Kayla's wedding in Washington we drove to Idaho.  The kids and I were scheduled to stay for three weeks so Max could train at Suples for Nationals.  We were all pretty excited to be back in Idaho and be able to spend some time with family and friends.
 The week right after the wedding Kori and her kids stayed at my mom's house as well.  We took Max in to practice one morning and then hiked Table Rock.  We also went out to my Grandma Myer's house one afternoon and Charlee was pretty excited when she spotted the two horses out back.
 The boys were happy to be back training at Suples.  They had the opportunity to train with the gold medal winner from Serbia while they were there.  It's amazing some of talent they have been able to be with while at the gym, and what is even more amazing to me is how genuine the men are that have come.  They are always so kind to the boys and work with them and talk to them, it is pretty neat to witness.
 A large reason for being in Idaho as well was Kris and Kayla's reception in Nampa the following weekend.  My mom did an amazing job setting up the reception.  It was beautiful!  I was terrible at taking pictures during our trip and this was one of the only ones I got of the reception prior to everyone showing up.
 After the reception the kids and I headed over to Blackfoot for the weekend.  One of our cows had her calf earlier in the week and we wanted to head over and check that cute little guy out, but first we had to stop at Cal Ranch and get the kids outfitted with some new boots.  Charlee was probably the most excited about her new purchase, she wouldn't even take them off to pay for them.

 The little guy is doing well, his momma is attentive and taking great care of him.  He was so tiny and cute!  Our other cows will hopefully calf in the next week or so.  Exciting times!
 Kim and Pat made many of Charlee girls dreams come true by indulging her in her horse riding demands.  This girl would have lived on Cherokee (whom she renamed Unicorn for the weekend) or Bella.  She was so happy and loved every minute of riding and Kim and Pat really went above and beyond because she wouldn't stop asking to go!
 We made it back to Boise and spent time with cousins swimming.  I seriously was the worst at taking pictures this whole trip.  I was trying to just enjoy myself and after our trip to Eastern Idaho I was so sick with a sinus infection and double ear infection which kind of put a damper on the trip home, but we still had such a good time.
 I love Edie and Charlee's little relationship.  They are the cutest little girls together and I hope they stay close friends always.  They had a few spats here and there but were genuinely really excited to see each other and play over and over again.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Washington & Weddings

 Kris and Kayla are officially married, and it was such a special day.  I realized as we were sitting in the Celestial Room that this was actually the first wedding of any of my siblings that I have been able to be at.  Kris and Kayla were so happy, the sealer did an amazing job, and it was really neat to be with all of my siblings and their spouses to support Kris and Kayla on their special day.  Kayla is perfect for Kris, and I am so excited to see where life takes them.
 The cousins all loved being together, and I love seeing them all dressed up.  They were all so cute when Kris and Kayla came out of the temple.  The girls crowded around Kayla in her pretty dress.

 It was really nice to be back in Tri-Cities for a few days.  We took advantage and hiked Badger Mountain a few mornings for our workouts.  It is crazy to think that this was our home for 8 years almost and all of our kids were born there.  We made sure we stopped at the Country Mercantile for salsa, ice cream, and treats.  We also walked along the river by Kris' house in Richland and stopped really quickly at our dear friends Tim & Amber's house to say a quick hello.  We miss living so close to all of our good friends from Washington.

The weekend was perfect.  I am so happy for my brother and so excited to have another sister-in-law.