Friday, July 21, 2017


 After Western Regionals Clint and I had planned to head over to Montana with my brother Kody for part of the week.  The weather was a little cooler than we are normally used too when we are up at the cabin but we still had a great time.  
 The first morning we were there the kids were up and out in the water by 9:00.  Charlee girl watched her brothers swim under the grate and went for it all by herself too.  Ha, this girl is fearless!  As Clint and I sat and watched them play it made my heart  happy to watch my kids do what I did 25 years ago.  My grandparents bought their cabin when I was 4 and every summer of my childhood we would go to the cabin for a week and play.  Many of my favorite childhood memories took place here.  I love that my kids get to experience it too.  The even crazier part is my dad spent a lot of his childhood in the same mountains because his aunt and uncle owned a cabin up where ours is as well.  So 3 generations of Ulmers have been going up there.
Of course we took one afternoon and rode up Bull Run and back to the North Fork.  We saw so many deer and everything was still so green from the wet winter and spring.  The skies were showing off, it was a really great afternoon.

On the third day we took the kids to the Big Hole (and Roxy).  It was pretty chilly out but the kids were brave and jumped in several times.  Even Roxy jumped in.  Roxy does not like our RZR so Clint and Max hiked up to the Big Hole and then I hiked back down with Max and Roxy.  When we were teenagers my sisters, cousins, and our friends would get up and pack lunches and hike to the Big Hole and spend the majority of our day there.  We would always run between the creek crossings back to get a little workout in, so when Max and I hiked back I made him do the same thing.  He wasn't super thrilled but he did it.

This is Sam and Shirley's old cabin where my dad would come as a kid.  It is condemned now but I love that it still sits before the first creek crossing.

We really enjoyed spending time as a family.  There is no cell service or WiFi at the cabin so we were able to spend a few days un-interuppted as a family and it was a much needed break after all of the travel Clint did in May and June.

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Sharee said...

I always like your Montana posts. What a great tradition with lots of memories. It looks beautiful.